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Application and characteristics of chain in conveying equipment

SZP group Co., Ltd. | Updated: August 01, 2017

In the application process of many conveying equipment and transmission equipment, the sprocket is a very important part. The sprocket drive is now a more important transmission method, and this method will be applied in many industries.

Whether it is mechanical transmission or chain transmission, it will drive the industry to have a larger market and promote the rapid and stable development of sprocket.Sprockets have been developed in China for a period of time, and sprocket companies have also made great developments in product consumption and manufacturing talents. Now the demand for sprocket equipment is increasing from time to time every year, and the scope is relatively large. The development of sprocket equipment in China It also attaches great importance to it, instead of pursuing more industrial technology and less.

The current sprocket gears are mostly used on the base of the sprocket parts, and there are tension chains and counterweight boxes to adjust the tension of the lace. Its structure is not very complicated, so it is not very troublesome during operation and maintenance, but it can still be used. Ensure that the chain has a very stable tension during the application process, and can continue to insist that the tension should not be loose when there is a problem.In addition, the sprocket and tension in the chain will run in a regular direction as it is used, and will not swing like a rope and pulley attack, and the operation is very stable and reliable.

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