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The chain becomes effective due to wear

SZP group Co., Ltd. | Updated: August 01, 2017

Assuming that the use of chain materials is not very good, the chain will often fail due to wear problems.After the chain is worn, the length will increase, and it is likely that there will be a jump or chain during application.The wear of the chain is usually at the center of the outer chain. If the pin shaft and the inner part of the sleeve are worn out, the gap between the hinge will increase, and the length of the outer connection will also increase.The distance between the inner chain links is generally affected by the rollers between the rollers on the same side. Because it will not be ordinary wear, the length of the chain will generally not increase.Assuming that the length of the chain is increased to a certain range, the chain may break, so it is very important to wear it at the expense of the chain.

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