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Three methods to identify the quality of the chain

SZP group Co., Ltd. | Updated: August 01, 2017

1. From the appearance to distinguish the quality of the chain

It mainly depends on whether the chain is deformed, whether there are cracks, corrosion, etc., whether the pins, rollers, and joints are normal, whether there is loose deformation, abrasion and cracks, and check whether the chain is issued during use Other sounds, or abnormal vibrations, and ensure that the chain is in good stability.

2. Accurately measure the length of the chain

Clean them up before measuring, and then measure the two sprockets around the chain, so as to have better support.When measuring, bear a certain load on the stainless steel chain, so that the chain can have a good tensile force. When the chain is used on the sprocket, it can be guaranteed to have a good combination of teeth. Measure it out.

3. Measure the elongation of the chain

In order to solve the gap on the chain, the chain is required to apply a certain tension to stop the measurement. In order to ensure that the hourly error of the measurement result is small, the measurement should be stopped in the appropriate position according to the actual situation, and then the extreme length is extended.

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